Salafi Refutation of Anwar al Awlaki

This is a translated transcription of a phone call with the shaykh Dr. Abdullaah bin Abdur-Rahmaan al-Jarboo, Professor from the College of Dawah Usool ud-Deen – Former head of Dept. of Aqeedah at Medinah University. This call was placed to the Shaykh in order to gain clarification about a man called Anwar al-Awlaki.

Refutation of Anwar al-Awlaki’s belief in suicide bombings: Part 1 a:

Refutation of Anwar al-Awlaki’s belief in suicide bombings: Part 1 b:


General Refutation: Part 1:

General Refutation: Part 2:

General Refutation: Part 3:


Click Here to read “Anwar al-Awlaki’s Fictitious Attachment to Salafism” – This is a reply to the comments of Jarrett Brachman, author of Global Jihadism: Theory and Practice and former director of research at West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center.  Whilst being interviewed on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, he claimed that Anwar al-Awlaki “the hard line understanding of Islam known as Salafism.”  Though he affirmed al-Awlaki’s Jihadist leanings, he erred and mentioned Salafiyyah in the same breath as al-Awlaki’s devious ideology.  So it was imperative to make plain the vast difference between Salafiyyah and Anwar al-Awlaki’s extremist views.  Indeed, Salafiyyah is in a valley and al-Awlaki is in another valley!


Dawud Adib Refuted Anwar Awlaki 3 Years Before Fort-Hood Shootings:


Abu Yusuf Khaleefah Refutes the Claims of Anwar Al Awlaki: